Apprentice Program

Who are we ?

We are a small company with extreme passion for software craftsmanship and reliable software engineering. We mostly build the technology for startups across the world with major clientele at USA, Canada, Japan, U.K and Australia.

We strive to be an exemplar company and the very best at technical knowledge , software craftsmanship and development methodologies.

Who we are looking for ?


We only accept the people that we believe would be successful as a good apprentice and by end of apprenticeship would be promoted to a software engineer

“ Why did you get into this and what do you see yourself doing ?“

We want people who are good communicator, demonstrates initiative, motivated, enthusiastic, focused, composed, curious, optimistic, displays grit, emotionally intelligent, and able to feel gratitude.

Engineers and designers who have worked with Jyaasa as leaders in today’s tech scene, Some are running their own agencies , Some are working with the government agencies , Some have moved to other companies and pushing the boundary of what those companies can achieve, Some have moved out of the country to better tech ecosystems and still building awesome stuffs but we are proud on each and every one of you.

What you will get ?

While selected as an apprentice you would work alongside Jyaasa’s engineers on client projects and are assigned a mentor who is their primary mentor. We do not bill our clients for the apprentice time spend on the client projects.

We may also spin of other projects designed to help apprentices improve on where you need improvement the most.

We would also provide you with a guide . to help you feel comfortable while onboarding into the apprentice program.

Each month you would be moved to another mentor and another team. This would enable you to learn new things with new team and team mentor as well as re-apply what you have already learned into a new context.

How would you exit out of apprentice:

At the end of the three months, you would be evaluated whether you would be promoted to join the ranks into the Jyaasa or not.

If you are unable to get into Jyaasa we make it in our best interest to get you good jobs at other companies as well.

Interested in applying yet ?

Send your resume to
Call 9801190557 to discuss further on improving your software craftmanship